Metric FN Receivers

Type 1, Type 3  Receivers



 Metric Receivers

Entréprise Arms strives to bring you the highest quality parts. With our advanced CNC manufacturing machinery and our improved programming, we are able to offer you a superior receiver at a reduced price. Value and performance for your dollar is our goal. We are so sure that you’ll be 100% satisfied, we have an unconditional lifetime guarantee on our receivers - PERIOD!
FFL License required before shipping,  Faxed Federal License accepted  Dealers call for your pricing
Type 3 Metric Receiver
Type 3 metric Receiver
Type 3 Metric Receiver Price: $399.00   BUY NOW

Type 1 Metric Receiver   StG, German G1, Israeli Style 
(No Carrying Handle model shown)
Type 1 Metric Receiver Price: $499   BUY NOW

Unrestricted Receivers – Buildable receivers not restricted as

Trouble free assembly -Torque barrel, headspace.